And Not a Drop to Drink

This weekend was the first real test of my Abstinence Month.  Full of social evenings from Thursday through Sunday, I had four days in a row where having a cocktail or a beer would be typical behavior for me.  From ‘drinks’ out with a grad school friend, to live music in a bar, to a wine-tasting art school fund raiser, to Super Bowl Sunday, I had many opportunities to explain my 2011 approach to resolutions in general and my February plan in particular.

I’m happy to report that I did not have a drink all weekend, nor did I have any difficulty abstaining.  I admit that there were a few moments when I thought “gee, it’d be nice to have a drink right now” but they passed quickly.  Of course I think I was as charming and entertaining as usual, but you’ll have to ask around to hear if others agree.

Here are some observations I made this weekend:

* People react much differently to “I’m not drinking this month” than they do to “I’m driving.”
When I decline a drink because I am a designated driver, everyone I know consistently says “good for you” and that is that.  As I declined drinks this weekend, however, people initially wanted more explanation, and then consistently tried to convince me to abandon my resolution or pick a different month. It was all in good fun, of course, but it was fascinating to experience ‘peer pressure’ since (a) I’m over 40 and (b) so were they.

* I made much more responsible food choices, sort of.
There were no late-night nachos this weekend.  Also, no late-night hot-dogs with cheese, no latenight Twix bars, and no late-night chocolate cake.  In fact, there was no late-night food.  That being said, the lack of beer during the Super Bowl party did not keep me from being responsible for the demolition of at least 1/4 of a party-serving of awesome chili/nacho/cheese dip.  Thanks  a lot Leslie.

* There needs to be better alcohol-free choices at bars and restaurants.
I have had more water and seltzer with lime over the past three days than I care to discuss.  For fun, sometimes I asked for a splash of cranberry juice!  CRAZY!  I would definitely like to think of some better non-alcohol options, for variety if nothing else.

Did my abstinence change much about my weekend?  Not really.

I still went out and about – quite a lot actually.  I still got up at about the same time, did about the same amount of chores and school-work that I would normally do, and went to the gym once (sadly, typical) over the two days.  I did notice that I woke up with headaches on the mornings when I’d been up past midnight the night before.  

Apparently, part of the reason I might wind up with a headache on a Saturday morning is because I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Oh right, and I’m 41.   (It certainly wasn’t because I was dehydrated.)

If I’m honest about it, I admit that I also went home a bit earlier than I might have otherwise, but leaving a college-bar at 11:45 is a good idea anyway.  Between 11 and midnight the average age in a college  bar goes from 30 to 21 and the average length of a skirt goes from 24 inches to, oh, seven.   Drinks or not, it was time to leave.

The highlight of my weekend might have been meeting up again with George, the friend who inspired my February resolution to begin with.   Alas, he was rooting for the Packers, but we toasted each other throughout the evening with our Pelligrinos anyway.



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5 responses to “And Not a Drop to Drink

  1. Don

    “Thanks alot Leslie.”

    “Alot?” Would you write “aporkchop?”


  2. Elaine

    Yes, you were entertaining and charming, as always. elaine

  3. Mary Ann

    “Between 11 and midnight the average age in a college bar goes from 30 to 21 and the average length of a skirt goes from 24 inches to, oh, seven. Drinks or not, it was time to leave.” – Hands down my favorite quote of recent days. the other issue (well, there are a myriad, really, after 11 on a weekend in a college town) is the fact that you can’t actually reach the bar through the thicket of short skirted, thigh high booted girls and still-preppy boys to get a drink. If you are having one, that is. Which you are not. Until March. Keep up the blog, Shelby – you’re inspiring me, again.

  4. Alice

    “People react much differently to “I’m not drinking this month” than they do to “I’m driving.””

    Very true. I haven’t had a drink in two years for medical reasons (nothing particularly serious, just a medication that reacts badly with alcohol). Other people are WAY more upset about this than me. I genuinely don’t mind other people drinking around me, but they mind me NOT drinking around them!
    I miss it occasionally (a lot of that is the societal belief that hey, you’re not really out and wild unless you’re in an altered state of consciousness), but at the same time, I do feel like I do more interesting things in my free time. As much as I’ve enjoyed good conversation and hanging out with people at bars and parties, I think not drinking has forced me to plan more actual activities to do with people. I’ve done more Yoga, rock climbing, and way more photography than I did before.

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