I cannot be trusted.

As soon as I decided that my April resolution would be to take care of myself, I got sick.

Apparently, I was a little too late.

I haven’t been dramatically ill.  No days off work, no missing of meetings.  Just stuffy head, ear ache, lack-0f-appetite, hack up a lung cold and sinus symptoms that make me feel crappy but not crappy enough.

It’s true that normally when I feel a sinus infection coming on I usually take a preemptive sick day to rest.  I sleep for 15 hours or so and this usually takes care of it.  I stop being sick and the symptoms never get worse.  I don’t miss any more days of work AND I don’t get anyone else sick. 

I didn’t feel like I had that option this week (and yes, I am so incredibly grateful that usually I do have that option).  So I got sick.

Have I taken care of myself since then?

Well, sort of.

Ok.  Not really.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is what I had for dinner tonight:  five Oreos, a glass of milk, and a cheese quesadila. 

In my defense I did have an incredibly healthy salad for lunch.

So much for April.  Can I start over in May?


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