Talkin’ About a Resolution

So what if it’s the 8th of October?  These RULES about when months begin and end are just silly.

Anyway, it’s true.  I live in an obscenely large house for one person (2,300 square feet) and I have an equally obscene large basement to go with it.  I have a house mate, and lots of her stuff is downstairs.  Another friend is storing ALL of her belongings there while she is away on her Fulbright Scholarship.  And I STILL have enough room to house a small village.

So what do I do with all that space?

I put stuff in it.  In no particular order and with little consideration as to whether I will ever need that stuff again.

It’s not out of control, but it’s annoying.  And since the rains of 2011 (we’ve had some flooding here, and even though my house didn’t flood, the basement did get a bit wet), I have some damp items that are turning moldy and need to be removed.

That and, um, my freezer died.  A terrible and smelly death.

So it’s time.

But here’s what I have to do.  I have to make a list of what this resolution will NOT become.  I have to do this because organizing projects have a way of taking over, well, everything.  I just love them so much.


FIRST, I will not refinish my basement.  Even though it will look better and more tidy if it has dry wall and a ceiling, I just DO NOT NEED more finished space in this house.

SECOND, I will not buy new shelving, containers, etc. unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  I will not purchase storage items just so that my basement looks like a crate and barrel catalog.

THIRD, I will not start any craft/building projects simply because I discover materials in my basement that could be used to make a mosaic plant stand.  No.  I wont.

So, tomorrow will come the before pictures and we’ll see how it goes.
Wish me luck!



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