To freeze or not to freeze?

I am making very good work of my freezer resolution.  Especially considering I have been gone for five days of the month so far (and am now on a plane to LA and will be gone for another five).

Here are the highlights:

* Beef Bourguignon out of frozen sirloin

* Frozen Wild Caught Salmon used to make whole wheat pasta with blue cheese and salmon

* Mystery food discovered to be leftover stew … Still delicious!

* 1/2 of leftover taco meat used, along with defrosted cheese

You get the picture.

As it turns out using the food from my freezer hasn’t been that difficult.  I tend to make soups and stews and freeze extra portions.  I just have to remember to use them.  I buy seafood and meats from local farmers and freeze them for future use.  What has been more interesting, to be honest, has been learning about why I tend to have an overstocked freezer to begin with.

Here I thought I had discarded my over-planner habits and my tendency to want everything just right, you know, IN CASE. But apparently my habit of planning and preparing has never gone away where food is concerned.  It’s true that I don’t plan a week of meals at a time any more, but I sill buy way too much food than I need  in any given week.  While I have gotten much better about not wasting it, the end result is that a lot of it ends up in my freezer.

Fantasies about being able to whip together a four course dinner party from my pantry keep me over-stocked in everything from artichoke hearts to chicken broth, and I have a hard time justifying the abundance.  I am single.  I often cook for friends, but do I really need to have 12 four-cup containers of broth on hand for  entertaining emergencies?  I don’t think so.

So in addition to eatiNg from  my freezer, I’ve been trying to eat from my refrigerator.  You now, eat the two grapefruit I have before I buy another one.  Sounds simple, right?


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