The Ultimate Transition

Remember back in January 2011, when I decided my over-arching goal for the year could be stated in six words?

Fully embrace the moment of transition.

I wanted to get better at moving from one activity in my day to another, from one part of my week to another, and even perhaps from one part of my year to another.  I worked on this bit by bit throughout the year.  I tried monthly resolutions as a way to break the year into pieces and I practiced transitioning from one resolution to the next.  I wrote about it here.  It was lovely, wasn’t it?

Well guess what?  I can stop kidding myself that learning to transition from bed to work in the morning is a big deal.  WHY?  Because I decided to make my WHOLE LIFE ONE BIG TRANSITION.

That’s right.  I’ve gotten a new job.  A bigger job.  In another state.  A state which, in fact, is ACROSS THE COUNTRY.
It’s true I will be speaking the same language at work.  And I won’t need to change my citizenship.

But otherwise, I believe almost every element of my daily life is going to change.  Radically.

For example

NOW: 3,200 square foot house in countryside with view of river

SOON: 1,000 square foot apartment in major metropolitan area with view of, well, the street

NOW: Seasons

SOON: Summer

NOW: My mortgage is less than two healthy car payments.

SOON: My rent will cost more than a small car.

NOW: Hotdogs at Market

SOON: Taco Stands

NOW: Eastern Standard Time

SOON: Pacific Standard Time

NOW: 1.5 mile commute

SOON: 15-20 minute commute

NOW: 14 years at the same employer – I know everyone!

SOON: 0.0 years at new employer – I am the new kid on the block.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am EXCITED about the adventure, the challenge, the SUN, and the job.  I know I will make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and learn a lot about myself.

But holy cow, this is a biggie folks.

You will not be surprised to know that my FEBRUARY RESOLUTION is simply to get myself and my dog from here to there in one piece (physically and mentally).  And to – say it with me! – fully embrace the moment of transition.  


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