Goodbye Moon

Goodbye porch; goodbye deck.
Goodbye mice; yelling heck.

Goodbye kitchen; goodbye woods.
Goodbye river; goodbye shoulds.

Goodbye small-town; goodbye charm.
Goodbye living without harm.

Goodbye history; goodbye past.
Goodbye love story meant to last.

Goodbye snuffle; goodbye rooms.
Goodbye Bucknell, goodbye moon.

Hello LA; hello sun.
Hello adventure; hello fun.

Hello new friends; hello old.
Hello new life, taking hold.

Hello future; hello me.
Hello what is meant to be.



Filed under Divorce, Moving, Transitions

5 responses to “Goodbye Moon

  1. Misty

    Can’t imagine what you’re feeling
    With conflicting emotions reeling
    Poised to make a brand knew start
    Finding new things to delight your heart
    Though I’ll miss you much, My Friend
    I’ll be seeing you ’round the bend

    Best of luck! Misty

  2. Virginia

    So I’ve been in serious denial, and your beautiful, heartrending retelling of Goodnight Moon has brought me to reality. There are no words…

  3. Cathleen

    Your Philadelphia friends will miss you dearly! It was nice to know that when I passed over the Susquehanna either in NY or 100 miles south in PA that it was somehow connected to your home. I’ll miss that too. Safe travels ! Cath

  4. freedom525

    And…now I’m crying.

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