About One Month Wisdom

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself in 2010.  I am a P. If you’re not a Myers Briggs person, this will mean little to you, so let me explain.

J’s are people who plan, organize, and implement.  People who make to-do lists and keep their resolutions.  People who use Google Street View to find the cafe around the corner from their hotel three months before they go to Italy.

P’s are people who prefer to take things as they come.  People who listen to their mood before they decide what to do on a Saturday night.  People who arrive in Japan for three weeks and have only a few hotel reservations.

All my life I’ve thought I was a J.  Almost everyone who knows me would say I am a J.   I’m a J at work.  I’m a J at home.  But some serious pre- and post-divorce reflection has landed me here, solidly in the land of the P’s.  So this Blog is about me embracing my inner P.

J-Shelby would have planned this all out.  I would have set goals for exploring my new P-ness.  I would have mapped out a year, or possibly a decade, of self-discovery.  J-Shelby most certainly would not have started a blog without researching blogging tools, reading several books on blogging, interviewing bloggers, and mapping out a plan for her blog.

But P-Shelby has learned that she hates that kind of pressure.  P-Shelby has discovered that she processes experiences better when she gives herself time to be in the moment without a goal in mind. I still need to learn about myself and I still like to set goals, but I have to figure out a way to do it without creating so many rules and regulations.  The rules and regulations, the to-do lists, and the schedules…apparently they depress me.

So, this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to pick something to think about, some new or old behavior to ponder, through the new lens of being a person I didn’t know I was.   Each month, I’ll pick a new idea to ponder and I’ll share my thoughts about it here.  This blog is mostly for me, but if you’re a friend or a visitor, feel free to comment. I’m also an E (extovert), so I love to process through dialog – feel free to join in.


7 responses to “About One Month Wisdom

  1. Mary Ann

    Good for you P-Shelby! Blog on, sister.

  2. Marcy

    I did have to giggle at you saying “…set goal for exploring my new P-ness”

  3. Don

    Actually, I arrived in Japan with no hotel reservations…just a vague plan to meet up with my friend in Maebashi, a small city I knew nothing about 🙂 I figured I could make reservations once I got there. Which I did.

  4. Have you heard Jordi’s story about running a workshop with a bunch of high school students and proclaiming, “Here, let me show you my p-ness!”?

  5. Elaine

    What an interesting idea for a blog! Well written, Shelby. I’m sure you’d say I’m a J, and mostly I am, but I like to think I have a little “P-ness.” Elaine

  6. As an “ENFP” myself; who also has a pretty well-developed J, I certainly can relate to many of the things expressed in your blog. I’ve wrestled with similar issues and have come to the conclusion that “We only have the present” and I’d much rather live there, than in the past or future. (Sounds like I’ve been reading a New Age book, huh?) I’ve planned and laid out spreadsheets for minute details…laid out schedules and charts in pretty colors for everything from my goals, to my finances, to my health…but I think that was my way of fooling myself into thinking I was controlling my world somehow. I’ve made peace with the fact that I truly have very little control and just need to embrace the serendipitous. Planning has its place; however, it’s much, much, much more fun (and healthy) to “go with the flow” and “ride the wave”. Best to you on your blogging journey…as always, you write beautifully.

  7. I’ve always been completely enamored of my P-ness, and can easily imagine what a wonderful discovery it would be for you, Shelby. As a recent blogger (anamericanacupuncturist.blogspot.com), I have to say that your P-ness evidently works better for you than mine does, at least blog-wise. I cannot figure out how to give people the option to subscribe to my blog (I’ll subscribe to yours if you’ll subscribe to mine)! Maybe you have to let go of your P-ness sometimes in order to figure out other ways of understanding the world…

    Nah! That can’t be it!

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