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Goodbye Moon

Goodbye porch; goodbye deck.
Goodbye mice; yelling heck.

Goodbye kitchen; goodbye woods.
Goodbye river; goodbye shoulds.

Goodbye small-town; goodbye charm.
Goodbye living without harm.

Goodbye history; goodbye past.
Goodbye love story meant to last.

Goodbye snuffle; goodbye rooms.
Goodbye Bucknell, goodbye moon.

Hello LA; hello sun.
Hello adventure; hello fun.

Hello new friends; hello old.
Hello new life, taking hold.

Hello future; hello me.
Hello what is meant to be.



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I’m embracing! I’m embracing!

So far, so good.  My resolution for February is to move myself to California.

Oh, and to stay sane in the process.

All things considered, things are going well. With one and a half weeks to go:

  • I have emptied all drawers and cupboards of their contents with the exception of my kitchen (which has some dishes I am sill using) and my dresser (which has clothing I am still wearing).  I have thrown out, sold, given away, or donated many things.  I have packed boxes and boxes, and more boxes.
  • I have requested records from my doctor, my dentist, my ophthalmologist, and Hannah’s vet.
  • I have completed a moving inventory, rented a car, rented a house, and changed my address.
  • My house is on the market, clean and being shown to potential buyers.
  • My in-box at work is almost empty and my major projects have all been handed over.

People keep asking me if this is hard.   They say, “I know you’re organized and everything, but isn’t it hard to go through all of those memories?”

The great news is I can honestly say “NO!”

It really isn’t.  I’m an organizer and a purger by nature.  I am excited about downsizing.  I am elated to let go of things I’ve been keeping ‘just in case.’  And the things I’ve held onto are related to memories I want to bring with me.

So I’ve been sailing along.  Packing, purging, cleaning, organizing.  To do lists everywhere and lots of things to check-off each day!  I’m in heaven!  I should have done this years ago!  This whole transition thing isn’t too hard, I think to myself.  It’s an adventure!  I’m embracing! I’m embracing!

Well, friends.  I’m here to tell you: Everything changes when the end is near.

I know, I know.  I’ll keep in touch with my close friends and my family.  I have e-mail and Facebook, and Skype, and all kinds of things to help me stay connected.  I will fly east regularly.  People will actually come to visit me!  There will even be important friends I will see MORE frequently now that I will be on the west coast. And I really do have a LOT that I am looking forward to.

But this week – my last week at work – THIS WEEK I have to start to say goodbye.

I have been blessed at this place by the most authentic, honest, wonderful, smart, funny, and kind colleagues.  Many have become dear friends.  And for the next few days I will have to say good-bye to each and every one of them.

Not only that, I’m saying goodbye to the comfort of knowing everyone, knowing who to call, knowing who to believe, knowing who to trust, and knowing who to ask for help.  I’m saying goodbye to a place that has supported me as I’ve grown up – personally and professionally – and a work family that has believed in me every step of the way.

I know that saying goodbye is part of the process.  That it is important for me and important for them.  But I hate it.

Officially.  I.  HATE.  IT.

Can’t we just go out drinking together and talk about things like they’re not going to change?  Can’t we be in denial for just a little while?  I mean, what would be the harm in that, really?

Ok.  So it’s a plan.  I’m not really leaving.  Get it?  (wink wink)

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Quirky Charm or Sleek Amenities?

Over the past two weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Craig’s List and Hotpads and Padmapper.  These sites make it easy to find apartments and homes for rent, to view pictures, and to contact owners about their properties.  Until two weeks ago, I didn’t even know these sights existed!

Now, I can see where rental properties are and I can use Google to save my own personal map with my favorite properties, including notes about each property, links to photographs, and different colored pins to indicate which ones I like, which one’s I have inquired about, and which one’s I have appointments to see.

I cannot imagine doing this before the Internet.  I can hardly believe I’m doing it WITH the Internet.

Truly, it’s an information managers dream. : )

Anyway, two weeks into this process I am starting to understand the lay out of my future surroundings – on a map at least.  I am honing in on what’s important to me and what I can live without.

Who knew having a laundry machine/dryer INSIDE your apartment was so important?

As it turns out, the types of properties I can rent fall into two basic categories.  There are (a) cute, bungalow style homes and (b) fancy, executive style apartments.  I get more space with (a), and pools and fitness centers with (b).

I can imagine myself living in a high-rise apartment; 1,000 square feet of efficiently designed space with high-end appliances and funky design.  I love the idea of the gym in the basement, the pool outside, and the concierge waiting to collect my dry-cleaning.

The simplicity of that life is appealing, but I keep being drawn into the houses – cute craftsman style cottages with personality.  It seems that, right now, I want a house with a small yard and unconventional nooks and crannies.  I love the possibility of an attic or a basement, but especially of a patio where I can sit outside and enjoy the warm evenings all year round.

Which makes more sense?  For me?  For my dog?  For my job?  There are commutes to be taken into consideration, after all.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine asked me to envision my future self.  What was she doing?  Where was she?  I expected to see her in my house now – the beautiful spot on the river.  I couldn’t imagine leaving where I am.

When I thought about moving to a city, I expected I would be in a sophisticated city apartment. You know, door men.  Elevators.  Concierges.

What I found, though, when I conjured this future self, was that she was opening a door to friends in a cute and cozy home.  Coats and a dog leash were hanging on pegs in an entrance way.  She was making tea and reading a book in a comfortable chair by a  window or a fireplace.  I didn’t imagine palm trees outside, but I didn’t imagine the outside at all.  Being in a city doesn’t mean I have to give that up.  At least not for now, right?

After all, that place could have been anywhere, so long as it was home.

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The Ultimate Transition

Remember back in January 2011, when I decided my over-arching goal for the year could be stated in six words?

Fully embrace the moment of transition.

I wanted to get better at moving from one activity in my day to another, from one part of my week to another, and even perhaps from one part of my year to another.  I worked on this bit by bit throughout the year.  I tried monthly resolutions as a way to break the year into pieces and I practiced transitioning from one resolution to the next.  I wrote about it here.  It was lovely, wasn’t it?

Well guess what?  I can stop kidding myself that learning to transition from bed to work in the morning is a big deal.  WHY?  Because I decided to make my WHOLE LIFE ONE BIG TRANSITION.

That’s right.  I’ve gotten a new job.  A bigger job.  In another state.  A state which, in fact, is ACROSS THE COUNTRY.
It’s true I will be speaking the same language at work.  And I won’t need to change my citizenship.

But otherwise, I believe almost every element of my daily life is going to change.  Radically.

For example

NOW: 3,200 square foot house in countryside with view of river

SOON: 1,000 square foot apartment in major metropolitan area with view of, well, the street

NOW: Seasons

SOON: Summer

NOW: My mortgage is less than two healthy car payments.

SOON: My rent will cost more than a small car.

NOW: Hotdogs at Market

SOON: Taco Stands

NOW: Eastern Standard Time

SOON: Pacific Standard Time

NOW: 1.5 mile commute

SOON: 15-20 minute commute

NOW: 14 years at the same employer – I know everyone!

SOON: 0.0 years at new employer – I am the new kid on the block.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am EXCITED about the adventure, the challenge, the SUN, and the job.  I know I will make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and learn a lot about myself.

But holy cow, this is a biggie folks.

You will not be surprised to know that my FEBRUARY RESOLUTION is simply to get myself and my dog from here to there in one piece (physically and mentally).  And to – say it with me! – fully embrace the moment of transition.  

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