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Rejected Resolutions

In the interest of full-disclosure, I thought I’d share the ridiculous list of resolutions and goals for 2011 that I wrote down before my moment of inspiration – or should I say sanity?

  1. Use up freezer and pantry food.
  2. Have a nothing new month.
  3. Go without alcohol for one month.
  4. Introduce a stretching routine into my exercise schedule.
  5. Do a complete home inventory.
  6. Spend a month fixing all of the little things that are broken in my house.
  7. Schedule a month of canning – expand beyond tomatoes.
  8. Try walking the dog every day for a month, even in the rain.
  9. Save up six months salary.
  10. Finish my thesis and defend before April 29th.
  11. Exercise five days a week.
  12. E-mail my parents every day.
  13. Submit article on thesis for publication.
  14. Plan and implement niece’s 16th birthday trip.
  15. Get to London again.
  16. Give an ark to Heifer International.
  17. Design my Halloween costume sometime before the 30th of October.
  18. Lose 15 30 pounds.

Ok.  I’m exhausted.  And this isn’t even the whole list.

You know the best part, my January resolution – the one I eventually picked – it’s not even on this list.

I’m embracing my inner P!



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