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By George I think I’ve got it!

I believe I have discovered the one reason I might survive a month without cheese.

Last night was my birthday, and I had my favorite in-season foods for dinner.  These foods are magical (for me, anyway) and will be in-season for all of August.  In fact, their peak month is August.

Thank you, tomatoes, corn, and blue-crabs.  You will save me from myself.





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Cheese Dreams

My my!  So many of you are deeply and profoundly opposed to my intended August resolution – Cheese Abstinence.

I think my subconscious is a bit resistant too.  Here’s what my dreams have looked like for the past few days:


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The cheese is trapped.

Ok, so I’m a little behind.  It’s July, um, 11th, and not only have I not told you what my July resolution is, I haven’t even made one.  In fact, I think I’m going to skip July all together.   After all, I’ll be home all of 10 days out of the whole month.  I think my resolution for July can be as simple as making sure I have clean underwear at all times.  On my body, not just in my dryer.

The good news is that I’ve already figured out what my August resolution should be.

Yes, Grommit, it’s true.  I’m going to give up cheese.

I’ve experimented with this before by limiting my cheese intake to once a day, or once a week.  But this time, I’m going to go A WHOLE MONTH without cheese.

My hand is shaking as I type this.

My internal Shelbies are SCREAMING – !NO! !DON’T DO IT!

But indeed, I must.

Hello, my  name is Shelby, and I have a problem with Cheese.

I am a Cheese-a-holic.

I let Cheese make too many important decisions for me.

I have lost friendships to Cheese.

Ok, that last one isn’t true (that I know of), but it is true that my relationship to Cheese is, well…

Put it this way – I HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH CHEESE.  Doesn’t that say it all, right there?

So, on August 1st, no CHEESE for me.

I will need the full support of my friends and family on this one.  Please, be kind.



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