Resolutions Under Consideration

As a recovering J (think Myers Briggs), I have a habit of planning.  I think about things in advance and am good at researching my options. I’ve been this way most of my life.  It has served me well, but I’ve recently learned that I actually prefer a bit less structure.

So,  as a born-again P (think spontaneous!), I am trying to enjoy the freedom of life without plans.

Ok, well, not completely without plans.  But at least without overplanning.

So when I started this one resolution a month project for myself, I intentionally didn’t let my planning habit take over.  I am resisting the urge to pick all of my resolutions in advance.  You see, I’ve learned that this kind of planning makes me batty.

Instead, I let myself think, ponder, consider, and even imagine the possibilities.  But I don’t go so far as planning.   Instead, I let myself wait until the last minute to decide.  Then I can think – what am I really in the mood for?  What feels right?

Ahhhh, freedom.

Some of my possible future resolutions are below.  Which resolutions would you like to try?  What resolutions do you think I should add to the list?   Which resolutions would make you run screaming for the nearest exit?

  • Stretch every day
    I feel incredibly inflexible.  I have recently discovered Pilates.  If one class can make me go from reaching for my toes to actually putting most of my palm on the floor, I wonder what would happen if I actually did this every day for a month.
  • Finishing touches
    One of my friends has a habit of ‘finishing touches’ – which is ending each evening with a quick tidying up.  I love the idea.  I’m not sure I have the discipline.

  • Finish the AFI 100
    Obviously not a resolution to begin until after I’ve finished my thesis, and perhaps not one that can fit in a month.  I think I’ve watched about 40% of this list, but I could be way off.

  • Don’t purchase any stuff
    Don’t buy any THING (excluding food, and possibly gasoline for my car) and keep track of everything I thought of buying.

  • Brown bag month
    I eat out for lunch a lot.  Would I like it if I ate a packed lunch every day?  Or if I went home every day at lunch?  What would miss?   What would I gain?



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